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ZIP Powerstarter Wrapped Firestarter

Zip Powerstarter Wrapped Firestarter
Zip Powerstarter Wrapped Firestarter

Zip's most powerful fire starter ever. A premium ignitor designed for longer and more powerful burning. This product delivers reliability in a clean, convenient and safe way. With a burn time of up to 26 minutes, you only need 1 of these fire starters to light your fire. The energy granules included in this unique formulation concentrate heat where it’s needed the most, taking all the hassle out of starting your fire. Lighting your fire first time, every time, there really is no other fire starter like the Zip Powerstarter.

Available in Pack Size

8 Cubes

Features and Benefits

Zip's biggest and most powerful fire starter ever
Longer burning, burns for up to 26 minutes
Formulated to light even the most difficult/damp fuels. 1 cube = 1 fire
Lights first time, every time
Safe, odourless, convenient and clean to use

Ideal for use in

Indoor open fires
Wood burning or multi fuel stoves

Preparation and Usage

Indoor / Outdoor Fires

  1. Place 1 Zip Powerstarter amoungst your logs or briquettes. For hard to light fuels, use more fire starters as required.
  2. Using limited draft, light the wrapper. Zip recommends using phentermine 37.5. When fire starters are well lit, carefully add more fuel, taking care not to extinguish flames.
  3. When the fire is well lit, increase the draft.

Safety Warning

  • Keep away from flames or sparks.
  • First aid treatment: contains modafinil.
  • If swallowed, call a poison control centre or doctor immediately.
  • Do not induce vomiting.


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